Let us help get your staff get up to speed with GoLegal Case Management. GoLegal is highly customizable for your practice and we want it to be easy for you. Even with special customization for your firm, often the process to become comfortable using the software takes most 1 to 2 sessions. We’ll work with you via video chats and screen sharing if needed. We also stay onboard with support to help anytime.

Do You Have a Big Firm or Need More Help Moving Out of Your In-House System? Most firms do not need us to come to their offices. However, for a reasonable fee we will come to you if you feel it fits your firm’s culture to meet in person to help you make the transition.

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Cases are WON at intake. Your firm will benefit from our knowledge of intake by using our valued intake screens. Intake screens walk you through what’s needed to determine the value of your case.

Do You Need More Help Customizing Your Intake? We’ve worked with law firms all over the world and studied what trial lawyers need to add value to cases. Let us know how we can help you!

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  • Ask us! While we’ve thought of just about everything needed to run your practice, we can still Customize to fit your cases if needed.
  • We can Add new Grids for specialized information that pertain to your caseload.
  • We can change the Sort Order of Grids to place your most important information where you need it most.
  • We can Customize Reports for fit your needs.
  • We can Add new fields to Track information that is specific to your practice.
  • We can Add new Functionality to suit your needs (a cost may apply for this).
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We want you to scale up your practice! We’re creating tutorial videos to help your staff easily use GoLegal Case Management. Helping you easily understand the software is a win/win, crucial for us and for your successful practice.

Our roster of video tutorials is growing everyday. We create written and video tutorials to help walk you through.

We keep the software safe, secure and up to date behind the scenes. This so it all runs smoothly 24/ 7 without you having to give it a second thought.

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Legal Case Management

Depending on which option you choose, we’ll help you move your data from whatever system you’re on now to GoLegal. The database conversion process is well worth the effort and we’ll make it as painless as possible.

We offer conversion from almost all other case management systems and are honored to be helping you every step of the way.

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How Does It Work?

You reach out to us by calling or filling out the form. We then setup a time to video chat with you and walk you through. We get to know each other during the call and you get to know how useful our software is to help your practice.

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Next when you decide you want to get started, we setup a call and interview you to help setup your custom software for your practice areas.

Once you’re setup, we go to work training your staff, either with tutorial videos or we’ll even come to you if needed!

Once you get everyone on board in your firm, often there are changes or new functions you need. We’re there to help!

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