How to Use Intake with Case Management

How does Intake with Case Management work? With GoLegal Case Management, you have an army of legal professionals behind you! We know what you need most and that is fulfilling cases. Intake logs into the software as soon as you have a call, email or chat. We help Intake by putting in important fields that are questions known to help you get the case right away.

GoLegal Case Management with Intake Questions

Intake with Case Management

Your intake department will login and fill in the answers to the questions you need answered. We set you up with the questions you want, but go a step further by having already installed questions that we know will help you get the right cases.

How Does Intake with Case Management go Together?

Case management means helping you from start to finish! We’re a company that offers marketing and office support including Intake. Have questions? Ask us anytime!

We’ve worked for over 32 years in the legal services professions and we love helping you attain great cases! By adding the most crucial intake questions to our software, we’ve given your team a leg up on the competition! Why start everything from scratch? Our team knows what you need and we’ve helped at every turn including starting with Intake.

Have more questions about Intake? Think of this way you’ll want a scoring system on the intake page, that will help you determine right away whether or not the case is worth pursuing. If the case is worth pursuing, you’ll want your intake questions to quickly put you and the potential client on the same page. And with GoLegal case management everything will be inside the intake form you can access from anywhere.

Special Intake with Case Management Setup

Here are some ways you can have your GoLegal case management system setup:

  • Answer calls from within GoLegal Case Management
  • Record calls from within GoLegal Case Management
  • Receive a text or email as soon as someone starts working on the Intake Page

You’ll have a record of everything that happened and be able to track it from that first point of contact to closing that case out and receiving the cash award.

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