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Case Management from Anywhere – Now you can store All Client and Case information in One Place

Practicing law isn’t easy! Whether you’re running an office with 90 employees, or you’re a small firm who loves to practice law, being organized and mobile with the ability to see everything in one place, is the best way to scale up your practice, giving you more time to focus on what matters… your most important cases. Case Management platforms have been growing and changing just like all other web applications. There has never been a better time to jump in and work in the cloud.

Clients are depending on you to help put their lives back together. Thanks to GoLegal, you can give clients your full knowledge and attention, knowing that you have all of their details, court dates, medical records, damages and discovery documents organized in one place in the Cloud.

Case management

Calculating Damages with GoLegal Case Management

With GoLegal, you can stop using multiple spreadsheets to track damages, negotiations, lost wages and medical information. GoLegal will automatically calculate and forecast settlements for you.

Case Management for Easy Workflow

Plus your workflow and task functions will make sure that that you and your staff will never miss an important court hearing or meeting.  You will be on top of every case – that means faster results and happier clients. Login from a link on your own website.

Case Management Security

Securely store and be able to retrieve all of your case documents using our safe document storage functionality.  From Intake to Case Closure everything is in one location. Our servers are located in California! Want to know more? Contact us!

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